Termination of employment via UWV

If your employer wishes to make you redundant for business economic reasons or dismiss you for prolonged occupational incapacity due to illness he will have to make an application to the UWV (a government agency) – if you do not accept the redundancy/dismissal. Your employer has to request consent for this from the UWV via a (digital) form. Then you as an employee have an opportunity to react to this.

In assessing the request for redundancy the UWV uses a set of very specific rules. An attorney specialised in employment termination law knows  these rules and the UWV’s procedures by heart. So  engage an attorney specialised in employment termination law as quickly as possible if your employer has made known that he wishes to make you redundant.

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Redundancy compensation

The UWV only decides on the question whether or not the employer obtains consent to terminate the employment contract. In doing so the UWV does not make any judgement on liability for any compensation for redundancy. However you are entitled to a severance (“transitievergoeding”) if you are made unemployed with the consent of the UWV – if the employment contract has lasted for at least two years. An attorney can tell you more about this. There also remains the possibility of contesting the redundancy in court. Even after your employer has cancelled the employment contract with the approval of the UWV it can still be worth engaging an attorney specialised in employment termination law. Due to short limitation periods it is important to do this as quickly as possible.
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Legal assistance in the event of dismissal or redundancy
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