Termination of employment as statutory director

Under employment law the directors of companies (so-called statutory directors) are in a special position. In essence this means that statutory directors can be dismissed without the intervention of the UWV or the district court. This does not mean that a statutory director is outlawed or that he has no rights. However the dismissal of a statutory director is different in certain important aspects from a regular dismissal case, if only in view of the fact that a statutory director has a very special position within a business.

Torn Advocatuur has years of experience with the termination of employment of statutory directors, both on the directors’ side and on the side of the business and/or legal entity. If you as a statutory director are confronted with (the threat of) dismissal, we will be pleased to assist you. Due to the short legal limitation periods it is important for you to take action quickly.

In a case of (threatened) dismissal you should contact us as quickly as possible.
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Legal assistance in the event of dismissal or redundancy
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