Termination of employment as an expat

Over the years Torn has specialised, among other things, in assisting expats. The employment law position of an expat is often more complicated than that of a regular employee. For instance it is not always immediately clear which law is applicable to the employment relationship of an expat. Is Dutch law applicable or the law of another country? It is certainly extremely important to clarify this quickly in any case involving a dispute – such as (threatened) termination of employment.
In addition expats often have a very complicated package of employment terms and conditions. For an expat it is important that he should be represented by an attorney who is specialised in international employment law.
Do you as an expat have a dispute with your employer? Or as an expat, is your employer threatening to terminate your employment? Then contact an attorney who is specialised in international employment law as quickly as possible:
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You can also contact us by: info@tornlaw.com 
Torn represents both expats from other countries who are working in the Netherlands and expats from the Netherlands who have been sent abroad on secondment. In addition to assistance in the case of an employment law related dispute or (threatened) termination of employment, we also advise on the creation and content of employment contracts for expats.

Legal assistance in the event of dismissal or redundancy
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